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To create a web menu or Customize an existing one.

Web menus and procedures control the look and feel and security settings for all of the HTML pages generated from the database. The main content of each page comes from one of two places. It is either generated from a stored database procedure (PL/SQL) or from a menu-generating procedure that builds a menu from the menu items table (TWGRMENU). You can create new web menus and procedures or modify existing ones.

To create a web menu or procedure or customize an existing one:

  1. Select the set of menu items you want to customize from the pull-down list box.
  2. Select Submit Changes to save the information you entered or Select Reset All Fields to reset the information to the last saved version.

To delete a web menu or procedure:

Field Descriptions

Required Field Description
* Page Name Enter the PL/SQL package.procedure name for the web menu or procedure. Entry to this field is case sensitive. Do not use spaces.
* Description Enter a brief description of the menu or procedure. This description will appear in the pull-down list box for web menus and procedures. We recommend that you identify what part of the system your menu or procedure belongs to in the first part of the description.
* Module The self-service module to which the page belongs. You can use this page to make queries, but you should not change the values delivered by SunGard. If your institution creates its own entries for this table, you may select your own modules.
  Comments Enter notes or more detailed description about the page.
  Enabled Indicator Check this box if you would like the web menu or procedure accessible via the web. Note: If this checkbox is not set, the page will not be accessible by any user via the web.
  Non Secured Access Allowed Check this box if users can access this page without entering a user ID and password. If you check this box, you MUST check All Web Users in the Associated Roles box. If you do not check this box, users must enter their login information to access this page.
  Web Page Caching Override Set the web page caching method for browsers that support it.
  Page Title Enter a title for the page that will appear in the browser window title bar.
  Header Text Enter the text for the page heading. The heading appears in the top left corner of the page.
  Header Graphic Select the image that will appear at the top of the page as a page header, either by itself or to the left of the header text if defined. In the stand alone mode, this graphic appears under the header bar at the top of the page .
  Page CSS URL Enter the cascading style sheet you want to use for the page.
  Map Title Enter the map name to use for the TITLE attribute in the htp.mapopen function called at the beginning of twbkfrmt.p_printmenu.
  Help Link URL Enter the path location of the online Help link for the page.
  Help CSS URL Enter the cascading style sheet to use for the Help.
  Back Link URL Enter the URL of the previous page.
  Back Link Text Enter the text for the Back link. If the Back link URL points to a menu, the link will be printed as a Menu icon in the top header bar and the link text will not be used.
  Back Link Image Select the Back link image for the page. If the Back link URL points to a Menu, the link will be printed as a Menu icon in the top header bar, and this link image will not be used. You can also select Back link text. If users have graphics turned off, they will not see the Back link image but they will still see the Back link text.
  Back Link Menu Indicator Check this box if the Back link points to a dynamically generated menu. For example, if you selected a full page menu and you've defined the menu items in WebTailor, check this box so the Back link points to the full page menu. If the Back link URL points to a menu, the link will be printed as a Menu icon in the top header bar.
  Admin Secured Indicates if the web page is secured under the VBS and PII rules set up in Banner. If checked, an Oracle username and password will be required to access the page, and the VBS and PII rules, as defined in Banner for the user's role, will apply to the user's activities for the duration of the user's session. If not checked, there are no special restrictions on this page.
  Associated Roles Check which roles can access your new page. If you checked the Non Secured Access Allowed box, you must check All Web Users here.

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